Free home consultations


Consulted, Measured and Installed

We are happy and proud to announce the introduction of a new, and free home consultation service where we send a team to your door with a pack of sample fabrics, tracks, poles and other materials to help you choose the designs and styles for you. We will measure the windows of your property while we are there, allowing us to begin manufacturing your order immediately. Once completed, we will return to the property to professionally install the products which come with a 1 year warranty (No liability for mistreated products). 

No Cold-Calls or Pressure Sales

As a company, it is against our values to sell anything to a customer that they do not want or need. We will only visit you if called, and we wont try and convince you to buy more than what you want to buy. We believe it's all in the service, and we want customers to feel both trust and satisfaction when buying with us. 

The Price

The cost of the service is entirely down to you! We will discuss different price groups of materials and accessories so you can create a budget that's right for you. The price will also include the manufacturing and installation of the made-to-measure products, which again varies depending on window size, complexity etc. 

Competitive Pricing

We can match any other like-for-like quote regarding made-to-measure curtain and blind window treatments. 


Where do we offer this?

We offer our free home consultations from Lowestoft, right through to Norwich and all the way up to Cromer (including the surrounding areas). Our office is based just on the outside of Great Yarmouth, which is why we have chosen to begin this service in Norfolk and Suffolk instead of our primary commercial work area London. 

Give us an email or phone call and we will be happy to arrange a consultation.


Contact us now and ask for more information, or request a consultation booking and we will be more than happy to help. We look forward to hearing from you!