Our services

What we do...

Clark Furnishings Ltd. is regarded as a highly trusted and reliable supplier and installer of curtains, blinds and voiles. We carry out work for some of the top interior design companies in the London area, and as a result we have had the great pleasure of providing both high profile candidates and the every day consumer with high quality services. 

Our work - We use a huge range of different suppliers providing a multitude of materials to best suit our customers' needs. Our close relations with these suppliers allows us to tackle complex jobs such as dorma windows, triangular windows, ceiling windows and many more by modifying running tracks and other existing products to fit a given specification. We also provide basic economy products for larger commercial use, or for individual use on a lower budget job. We have been used by interior design companies to supply and install curtains and blinds for Mo Farah in his London penthouse, as well as apartments and properties in London's top post codes. We have further provided our services in show units for various design companies.  

Our mission - We aim to top the industry by expanding our market share and turnover through building up a network of valued business partners. We have recently facilitated our production methods allowing us to provide our services to our clients quickly and reliably, while maintaining a high quality standard. 

The process - Once our clients approach us with some basic measurements, we will immediately start to create a quote for the job. If this is accepted, our fitters will measured the property. We will then begin producing the desired product in the specific measurements taken, then our fitters will return to the property to install the product. Simple as that!


If you are interetsed in joining us on our ambitious mission to top the industry contact us and let us know!